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Some examples of our experience that we have to bring to bear on your problem include,

Light-Weight Profiler Testing – We have over 13 years of experience providing Light-Weight Profiler Pavement Smoothness testing services for Construction Acceptance purposes on PennDOT and Penn Turnpike projects throughout PA.  In addition, we were involved in the development of the District Department of Transportation (DC) upcoming ride specification for construction acceptance.

Pavement Warranty Testing – We have over 12 years of experience performing a variety of pavement warranty testing on projects for the Penn Turnpike, and other projects in Wisconsin and New Mexico.

Pavement Management – We have over 30 years of pavement management experience including implementation, data collection, analysis, and reporting.  This work includes both roadway networks and airfield pavements.  Some clients include District DOT, Knoxville Municipal Airport Authority, Port Authority of NY & NJ, and US Army Corps of Engineers.