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Hunt Consulting and Testing Services, was founded in 2016 by our Principal, Mr. John E. Hunt, PE.

Mr. Hunt is a licensed professional engineer in both PA and NC with over 30 years of experience in Asset/Pavement Management, Pavement Engineering, and Management System Data Collection.  A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and a former PennDOT Pavement Management Engineer, he has spent more than 25 years in the private sector providing asset management services to numerous public and private clients across the USA and Canada.


He has over 25 years of experience in the development, evaluation and operation of automated and semi-automated pavement and asset management data collection systems for network, project and research level data collection.  Data collected includes sign inventories, roadside asset inventories, digital video images, pavement distress, pavement roughness & rutting, pavement smoothness, geometric data, GPS data, pavement skid resistance (friction), pavement structural capacity, and ground penetrating radar (GPR).  His experience also includes analysis and use of pavement condition data for pavement management purposes, as well as the structural evaluation and design of pavement structures. 


He has been involved in the use of Light-Weight Inertial Road Profilers for Construction Acceptance Testing since the start of the program in Pennsylvania in the early 2000's.


He has been involved in the development of training materials, survey procedures, data reduction procedures, data quality control, and data analysis software for a variety of pavement condition data collection procedures including, PennDOT, PCI, LTPP, and PASER..

He is also experienced in the performance of roadside asset management inventory and evaluation services including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance within the public right-of-way.